Freight Factoring for 2.99%

Flat Rate 2.99%

Our standard flat-rate fee is 2.99% of the gross load rate. We do not take any hidden fees such as set-up, minimum amount, credit check, or transaction fee.


We'll pay you through an ACH deposit within 1 business day. However, the time it takes for money to hit your account depends on your bank.


We cover all valid loads, though we reserve the right to reject a load, for example, if the it's 3 months old. We do not require volume commitment.


Non-recourse means we handle all collections on loads that are moved through Doft Factoring. Thus, we help you focus on what matters.

Factoring designed especially for owner operators and small fleets: no hidden fees, flat low rate, and convenient processing – email your docs and get paid in 1 day.

How it works

Just finished hauling a load? Send us your Bill of Lading and Rate Confirmation and we’ll pay you the next business day. It's that easy!

Rate & fees

Factoring rate 2.99% per load
Setup fee FREE
Transaction fee FREE
Other fees NONE


When we pay 1-2 business days
How we pay ACH deposit

For your convenience

Documents to send Bill of Lading and Rate Confirmation
Factoring type Non-recourse
Who handles invoices We handle invoices
Volume commitment NONE
Contract commitment 1 year contract (30 days notice)
What loads can you factor Any legit loads