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Doft Factoring Application


Doft, Inc has partnered with SureLine Capital to provide this factoring service.
The undersigned person(s) hereby certifies/agrees as follows: He/she is an authorized representative of applicant (“Applicant”), and is authorized to execute this application on behalf of Applicant; all information in this application and in any documents schedules, reports, statements or other information provided to SureLine Capital LLC (“SureLine”) in, with, or relating to this application or the facility requested herein (collectively “Application Documents”) are true, correct, complete and accurately reflects such information on the dates thereof; SureLine is authorized to request, receive, investigate and verify credit reports, financial information, background checks, and any other information regarding Applicant, its business, and principals that SureLine deems appropriate; SureLine is authorized to inquire of, investigate, confirm, and verify any information in the Application Documents, or learned by SureLine as part of its investigation and review of the Application Documents, Applicant, or Applicant’s business; upon execution of this application, SureLine is authorized to execute in the name of Applicant and file against Applicant in favor of SureLine uniform commercial code filings, including without limitation, UCC Financing Statements concerning all accounts and assets of Applicant; Applicant will provide SureLine any additional information required by the USA Patriot Act; Applicant understands that SureLine’s verifications and investigations may include obtaining copies of Applicant principals’ drivers licenses and verifying information through credit bureaus, public databases and any other state, federal or private sources. Applicant agrees to reimburse SureLine for any and all costs incurred by SureLine as a result of Applicant’s withdrawal of this application prior to the first funding.